Aware and awake

Producing vegan and eco-conscious items is an essential part of Notice Fashion. All our sustainable fashion is made from carefully selected, often organic, fabrics.

We want you to Notice the world and its importance. It all starts with a sustainable frame of mind, which we are eager to impart onto you. Creating awareness for a prosperous and sustainable future.

With every collection we strive to be more sustainable than the collection before. We strive for continuity. Be conscious, be you, like no other.

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The Gaze

About the brand

Notice Fashion is a streetwear inspired fashion and lifestyle brand to make you stand out. Items with enticing colors, enhanced by complementary colored designs; made to be seen.

We like to challenge you to take risks, be bold. High-quality clothing to express your style and character.

The iconic 'O' in the Notice logo represents Originality and being One of a kind. It represents you. The complete picture. A timeless design on all our ready to wear items.

Be the best version of yourself while enjoying comfortable and stylish fashion.

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